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I called ProStaff Plumbing on a Saturday night, I had all my toilets' overflowing it was awful! They were there in 30 mins and got everything fixed that night, Justin was very professional.

Trina 6/16/2020

Once again I called on Pro=staff ! It is 11:00 p.m. and water from an upstairs toilet had flooded the upstairs and was seeping downstairs. ...a total mess!!! Called Pro-Staff and within 30 minutes they were there and solved the problem plumbing problem. They were friendly, courteous, and very capable. Can't say enough good about them.

Judy 3/14/2020

The service was prompt, efficient, honest, and friendly! Can't say enough good about this company!!!!

Judy 7/14/2019

Excellent customer service professional highly recommend

Teresa F 5/23/2019

You're a first time home owner, It's Sunday night and when you flush your toilet, sewage starts coming up through your tub and shower drains, what do you do? You call Pro Staff Plumbing, they showed up in under 45 minutes, adressed the situation, and fixed it on the spot. They also showed me some things about my home's plumbing that I did not know in order to assist in avoiding any future disasters. The two young men that showed up we're incredibly polite, very professional and treated my home as if it we're their own they we're fixing. They didn't waste any time getting down to business and the price was very reasonable especially for an emergency call. I am very impressed and this experience has guaranteed that I will be a life long customer for all of my future plumbing needs, emergency or not. Be thankful, because you have some great employees Pro Staff!

Philip 2/24/2019

I called Pro Staff , R.T. was there within 30 minutes & found the problem and had it fixed right away . he was professional & courteous, I was very happy with his service.

Patsy D 3/8/2018

I spoke with Ricky today and he was very knowledgeable. To no fault of his own, I was in a financial position to pay for the service but he still educated me on things that were overlooked on the last installation and what I need to do to correct each of those issues to make it safe for my family. I greatly appreciate his help and all that he told me. He also informed me that I needed to have the job inspected by the city with a permit to ensure our safety and that the contractor did the job to specs. It's the LAW! Thank you Ricky and Matt.

Cheryl B 11/27/2017

Thorough review of property for water leaks. Steadfast, patient. Leading by example for an apprentice. Determined to be the best. Located and fixed leak at reasonable price.

Katherine S 11/7/2017

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